9 Tips to Sauna Detox

In a way the skin is like a third kidney, in that toxins can be eliminated in the sweat, similar to how they can be eliminated through the urine. Far-infrared saunas are the most effective for sweating. Saunas are also a simple, fairly inexpensive, and enjoyable way to detox. Here are a few important strategies for getting the most out of using a sauna.

1. Increase Your Circulation

Before getting in a sauna, it is best to do something that increases circulation. If tolerated, you can use a rebounder, a treadmill, or other means of exercise to increase circulation. You can also take niacin 30 minutes before to flush the skin. You may need to start with a small dose of niacin at first, and increase as tolerated.

2. Ease Into It

Because you are toxic from breast implants, you’ll want to start off slow. If you are new to infrared sauna use, I recommend starting off with every 3 days for 3-4 weeks and gradually increasing from there. Sessions 3-5 times per week is optimal to work up to. You can see just how toxic you really are by signing up for my email list on my home page to access my Neurotoxic Questionnaire. The higher your score, the more toxic you are.

3. Set Time Limits 

The amount of time spent in a sauna detox session may vary depending upon your tolerance. To get your body accustomed to infrared therapy, start with 15 minute sessions every 3 days. Gradually increase towards 40 minute daily sessions in the optimal temperature range. You can stay in for up to an hour if tolerated, but I don’t recommend sessions longer than that. Listen to your body. Be aware of excessive detoxifying. If you begin to feel symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, or flu-like symptoms during your sauna session, get out and hydrate with sole water. A general rule is that if you feel worse after a sauna session, then it was too long.

4. Hydrate

Each day you are planning to use your sauna, make sure your water intake increases. The sweat produced in a far infrared sauna is 80 – 85% water, so it is important that before, during, and after your sauna detox session, you drink plenty of water to rehydrate. As a general guideline, I recommend drinking at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day. If you are going to use the sauna, increase that by 8 ounces before and 8 ounces after.

5. Replace Minerals Lost

You’re also losing minerals when you sweat, so it’s important to replace them! I like to make SOLE water and add a ½ tsp to my water before and after sauna use.

One really important mineral that can be depleted is magnesium. Everyone with chronic fatigue, heavy metal toxicity, autoimmune issues, or any chronic health issue is going to already be deficient in magnesium. I recommend supplementing with a quality product like THIS one, which is the one I use. It is 99% absorbed by the body.

6. Use an Intestinal Binder

Many people are unaware that only 70% of the detoxification effect of using a far-infrared sauna is from sweating. Researchers have found that 30% of detoxification happens internally due the effect of the infrared rays’ resonant frequencies penetrating the tissues. This causes the cells to detoxify, and the toxins are then processed through the organs of elimination and out through the stool and urine. Taking intestinal toxin binders before sauna use is absolutely necessary to absorb the internally mobilized toxins.

7. Include Sauna as PART of Your Detox Program, Not as a Stand-Alone Option

Heavy metal detox is so often done wrong. There is a proper way to go about this and when done correctly, it really works. Some doctors are giving IV chelation to remove heavy metals, which puts a true chelator in the body and removes a lot of metal at once. It works, but the problem is that it causes a lot of redistribution of metal back into the brain and other places. NOT GOOD. IV chelation can cause people a lot of harm.

Alternative medicine doctors are using things like cilantro and chlorella (called the metal magnet), which really do nothing. I’m not against cilantro or chlorella as superfoods, but they are NOT metal magnets. They won’t pull the metals out of your brain, I can assure you that. There are also herbal products practitioners are using that are only weak chelators at best and cause more redistribution of metals. That’s what I call the “street cleaner”, causing metals to move around the body, but not actually get out of the body.

Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in the brain is one of the main reasons people get sick from breast implants and they don’t know it, because for many women it takes years for them to get sick. One day the bottom falls out, which I call the perfect storm. There IS a way out and removing the source (breast implants) is part of it, but detoxing afterward is equally important.

Infrared sauna should be part of a detox program, but not the only thing you do. You should be supporting your body’s detoxification organs and using true binders that can actually cross the gut lining and cell membranes to gently chelate toxins the body and the brain at the cellular level. FIR sauna can be a great adjuvant to this kind of detox program. You can read more about the do’s and don’ts of detox HERE.

8. Find a Comfortable Temperature

Preheat the sauna and begin a session when your sauna reaches 100°F. The optimal sauna experience occurs between 100° and 130°F. The level of heat isn’t as important as the sweat. Whatever temperature you develop a good sweat at is the right temperature for you. For some it will be 100 and for others it will be 130+.

Many chronically ill individuals have a hard time tolerating heat or are unable to sweat, especially early on. Because 30% of the detoxification from sauna use happens internally without sweating, using a sauna at a lower heat setting without sweating is still effective. Even if you are only able to tolerate sitting in a sauna for a few minutes, it can still be helpful. Over time, most people are able to build tolerance to higher heat and length of time. For those who are unable to sweat, this can also improve with gradually increased use.

9. Rinse Off Immediately

After each sauna detoxification session, dry off with a towel. It is best to cleanse the body with soap in a hot shower to prevent re-absorption of the toxic sweat. You can finish the shower with cold water to close the pores. I like to get to the shower as quickly as possible after a sauna session.

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Sarah has a passion for health that has taken her along a path from RN, to fitness enthusiast, to becoming a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner and True Cellular Detox™ Practitioner. She has a passion for breast implant illness and teaching her clients about restoring health through nutrition, lifestyle, and detox, and guiding them through the sea of mis-information in hopes of finding their path to vibrant health.

Sarah’s belief is that we should settle for nothing less than vibrant health! And with breast implant illness, detoxing after en bloc explant is a foundation for that. She focuses on healing the body naturally at the cellular level with whole(real) foods, lifestyle changes, detoxing, and addressing the downstream conditions caused by breast implants. She believes that alternative therapies can be just as effective, if not more so, than conventional medical treatments because we are seeking to heal the body rather than merely mute a symptom with a pill. Sarah is an advocate for natural living and doing what she can to keep toxins out of the home and environment. She is also very passionate about eating real foods as she feels it’s the key to keeping our health and the future health of our children. The thought of explant surgery and healing the body can be overwhelming, so she is here to guide you through the process. Sarah is super passionate about this work, as she truly believes there is a reason for her own struggles that is bigger than her. Sarah will show you how to reverse breast implant illness, take back your health, and live vibrantly!


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