DETOX: You’re Doing it Wrong

You’re probably here because you need some guidance. I’m passionate about bringing you educated, research-backed information on all things breast implant illness, while bringing to you my own personal and professional experiences to help you restore your health after explant; and that includes detoxing. I believe we all need to detox after explant, but most women are doing it wrong and making themselves EVEN SICKER! And hearing these stories often makes other women scared to even attempt it. Well, I don’t believe you should attempt it alone but when done right, there may be bumps in the road, but it is often very successful. There is hope! You have within you what it takes to heal given the proper tools and approach.

So, how do I know most people are doing their detox wrong? Countless hours of research. Most detox programs are like a street sweeper – stirring things up, but not actually getting toxins out of the body.  I have 5 ways most people are doing detox wrong and how our approach covers them all.  As I talk about these 5 things, you’ll also learn about the 5R’s to true detoxification and lasting healing. You’ll learn the 5 musts to permanently transform your health and life after explant. You can even begin before explant. This approach is not a band aid or a supplement, but rather a road map for you and your body to follow for long term healing results. My approach supports all conditions, including weight loss, blood sugar dysregulation, hormone imbalances, fatigue, brain fog, autoimmune disease, leaky gut, and other common challenges of breast implant illness. However, my goal in sharing this life-changing information is not about addressing a condition, but rather supporting the body’s ability to heal itself. Be sure and read to the end; there is a bonus #6 reason most women are doing detox wrong.

#1: You Haven’t Removed the Source(s) of Toxins/Heavy Metals

Either you haven’t removed your breast implants yet, or there are other sources of toxins and heavy metals that you haven’t addressed. This could be mercury amalgam fillings in the mouth, cavitations in the jaw, toxins from personal care and cleaning products that we use on a daily basis, toxins in the water we drink, toxic mold in the home, car or workplace, among others. Removing the source is the most critical step in detoxing and healing your body. If you don’t remove the source(s), you will never have true and lasting healing.

I have a real problem with not only allopathic practitioners, but also alternative practitioners when it comes to this topic. Neither is getting to the cause because they are simply covering up symptoms with either more medications or supplements. Neither are really digging into an individual’s health history in order to figure out why they got sick. Asking if a woman has breast implants should be on every health history questionnaire! And we’re working on spreading this message in order to make that happen.

My philosophy is to remove the interference and allow the body’s innate intelligence to do the healing. However, chemical interference from breast implants, is what most doctors are missing and don’t fully understand. I believe this is one of the reasons why we’re not seeing the results we want to see from conventional medicine. On top of the toxins found in breast implants, the level of toxicity in today’s world is like no time in the history of mankind. Not the outside air, but what we are putting directly into and onto our bodies, not to mention the fact that we’re literally born toxic.

If you don’t find someone who knows how to remove the source properly, you are never going to be able to impact your health. This is why it’s so important to find a surgeon who has a proven track record of en bloc explant with complete capsulectomy. And for things like amalgam removal and cavitations, it’s equally important to work with a biological dentist who is trained in how to remove them properly and safely. For a list of skilled explant surgeons, click HERE

Removing the source not only refers to breast implants and external environmental toxins, but internal toxins that have stock pilled and bio-accumulated in our bodies. There is a lot of information today about different cleanses, whether it’s a liver cleanse, colon cleanse, foot baths, and even magnets on the feet, however, they fail to remove toxins at the cellular level. I don’t have a problem with most of these cleanses, but if you don’t remove the toxins from the cell, these cleanses fall short of true cellular detoxification and a real lasting solution. Also, if you don’t understand how to fix cellular pathways that have been affected by a toxic cell, then truly restoring health after explant becomes impossible. Fixing the cell is the catalyst for healing. True detox has to occur at the cellular level, and once we impact the cell, we can now impact so much of the expression of adverse symptoms in the body. In other words, if you fix the cell the body returns to normal function.

Intracellular Detox

My detoxification system is very unique because it up-regulates detox pathways of the cell, and it prevents the re-absorption or redistribution of toxins so common in other forms of detox. It is the re-tox that causes many of the unwanted symptoms during a detox and makes most detox programs or systems dangerous.

We want to raise intracellular glutathione (GSH), which is the key to removing toxins from the cell and, therefore, the body. Glutathione (GSH) is how your cells remove toxins. GSH is in every cell in the body. If levels get too low, the cell will die from toxic overload and inflammation. GSH is the strongest antioxidant in the world because your body makes it. It is also 5000x stronger than vitamin C as an antioxidant. My approach to detox supports every pathway in the GSH cycle. 

Why Your Glutathione is Not Working

Glutathione has become very popular due to all the current research. However, why does it seem like the results are limited to the first month of use or no results at all? Most GSH sold is put in a pill and taken orally. At face value, this seems the most logical way to raise GSH. The problem is that only 3% of the GSH makes it through the gut to the body. The GSH oxidizes very easily in the gut with very little benefit where we need it most. Even if it makes it through the gut using liposomal or injected GSH it still will not enter into the cell. For example, when injected, it goes directly into the blood stream, so it is not oxidized at all in the gut. There is a reduction in inflammation and oxidative stress and therefore, symptoms improve in the first month with very little value after that because it doesn’t enter the cell where it’s needed most. Therefore, the effect is limited and doesn’t last. Raising GSH inside the cell is the key.

How It’s Done

Raising intracellular GSH is done in two ways; first by recycling the unusable oxidized form of GSH before it escapes the cell, to a usable reduced form, or giving the cell needed precursors to manufacture more GSH from scratch. Creating new GSH requires more vital cellular energy (ATP) and can be limited due to an inflamed cell. An inflamed cell will not be able to utilize specific amino acids and cofactors needed to raise GSH like a healthy cell. Unfortunately, most products on the market only utilize specific amino acids and cofactors needed to raise GSH and do not take into consideration the most efficient way of recycling it. In my approach, we’re able to accomplish both. Even when it comes to providing the precursors and cofactors needed to manufacture new GSH, it uses proprietary methods to help shuttle the needed precursors and cofactors into an inflamed cell. The bottom line is that when it comes to sick and inflamed cells, raising intracellular GSH is no easy task. However, it is one of the keys for true detoxification at the cellular level and restoring health after explant.

When Detox Becomes Dangerous

The truth is if you are successful at raising intracellular GSH, toxins will leave the cells and tissues, and most of them will make their way to the liver where they are prepared for further detox. Many of the toxins are bound up to bile because it’s a fat complex that attracts toxins. Bile, of course, is used to digest fats. When the bile is bumped into the small intestine for digestion, it carries with it the multitude of toxins that are now bound with it. It’s called “hepatic biliary sludge”, and it is the cause of many liver and gallbladder problems, but here is the bigger problem! The body is very intelligent and wants to conserve energy. Because bile is so energy-expensive to make, it is reabsorbed in the lower intestine and recycled back to the liver. When it makes its way back to the liver, it brings toxins with it. This is referred to as re-tox or autointoxication. When the toxins are reabsorbed, they get sent back into circulation where they cause more inflammation and symptoms. They can even cross into the brain and can lead to a neurodegenerative condition.

Stop Autointoxication

The second part of detoxing is using gut binders. The purpose for this is to bind up the toxins in the gut and pull them out of the body so they’re not reabsorbed. This process is a proven system that has changed the fundamentals of what a true detox system actually is. This cutting-edge technology is something that not only changed my life, but thousands of other’s lives. You can read some of the testimonials at the bottom of the page HERE.

The gut binder I use has the ability to bind organic and inorganic toxins. It contains a special super-activated pharmacy grade carbon that has the highest and tightest binding capacity than any other carbon on the market. Mold and Lyme produce biotoxins that are deadly to humans. These toxins will stay bound to bile and shut down the liver’s ability to detox. Now, all other toxins (including those from breast implants) begin bio-accumulating, which causes toxicity. Bio-toxic illnesses are nasty and go undiagnosed for years, if ever. The only way to save these poor individuals is to pull these toxins away from the bile complex and reopen the detox pathways.

Many inorganic toxins, like heavy metals, are much bigger in size, but due to their massive atomic weight, are very difficult to remove. There are so many chelators on the market like chlorella, clays, and other herbal concoctions that DO NOT BIND HEAVY METALS. I know they make the claims, but it just simply is not the case. The special humates in the gut binder I use have been shown in laboratory testing not just to bind heavy metals, but to hold onto them in an almost permanent bond. The biggest problem with most of the binders on the market, besides the fact that they don’t really work, is they are contaminated with heavy metals…yep, you read that right! Your so-called “detox” could be adding more heavy metals to your body.

In addition to this, if you happen to be using ‘true’ binders that are able to get through the gut lining, cross the blood-brain-barrier, and get inside cells, and are strong enough to bind heavy metals, you HAVE to use them correctly within their half-life or you end up auto-intoxicating. Not using true binders within their half-life can result in debilitating side-effects because it can cause these toxins to be driven deep into the brain.

#2: You’re Not Regenerating the Cell Membrane

The cell membrane plays a major role in detox, epigenetics, and hormone health and holds the intelligence of the cell. Regenerating the cell membrane is at the core of a solution to the growing number of symptoms and degenerative diseases related to breast implants that we are seeing today in epidemic proportions.

It was said by a brilliant cellular biologist years ago, “Life starts on the membrane,” and today with the ever-growing new science in cellular biology, we see that it is true. Dr. Bruce Lipton, a stem cell biologist and the bestselling author of, “The Biology of Belief,” believes the God-given inborn intelligence that gives us life and healing is in the cell membrane. Dr. Lipton conducted a series of experiments that reveal that the cell membrane, the outer layer of a cell, is the organic equivalent of a computer chip, and the cell’s equivalent of a brain.

Dr. Lipton describes that the cell membrane’s communication with its environment tells the DNA what proteins (hormones, chemicals, tissues) to produce. He and others have pointed out that if you remove the nucleus and the DNA contained within it, the cell will live for months. It will even run from invaders or engulf food even though it has no nucleus. This doesn’t sound like something without a brain does it? However, if you take away the membrane, the cell dies instantly. More specifically, if you dissolve the receptors that are located on the cell membrane, the cell dies immediately even with the membrane intact. These cell receptors are known as integral membrane proteins. This is where the brain is, not the DNA. The DNA is just a message taker and coder. So, what does this all mean for you and me? Stated simply: if you do not regenerate the cell membrane and its integral membrane proteins, then it is impossible to get well. This is where life and healing begin. It is imperative to regenerate a cell membrane that is inflamed and non-functional. 

The Hidden Secret to Detox

Regenerating the cell membrane addresses 3 main problems in the surge of degenerative conditions experienced with breast implant illness. Most of us would agree that the toxins in breast implants represent one of the major causes of inflammation and the multitude of symptoms that go with it. The cell membrane plays a critical role in cellular detoxification. Once the membrane becomes inflamed, what is needed to be produced by the cell (energy (ATP), methyl donors, glutathione and so many more cellular functions needed for normal function and cellular detoxification) becomes compromised. The membrane acts as the gate into a city that lets in what is needed for the city to function and survive. If the gates are shut down, the city will eventually erode. The bigger problem occurs because the toxins can’t get out of the cell. The membrane that allows the good in must also let the bad out. When your cells produce energy needed for life, it produces waste. This is analogues to when your car produces energy. It needs to let out the exhaust, otherwise the engine quickly shuts down. Once the cell membrane becomes inflamed, it loses this ability to move good stuff in and bad stuff out.

Cellular inflammation is really the silent killer and the cause of most disease. Diseases occur due to cell membrane inflammation and not just the outer membrane, but also the inner mitochondrial membrane, which inflammation can drastically affect. In the case of breast implants, this is caused by the toxic chemicals and heavy metals inside them that slowly bleed into the body over time.

Your Fish Oil Could Be Making You Worse

My BII Warrior Detoxification Program addresses not just the building blocks needed to fix the cell over time, but contains the correct ratio of materials that studies show to be more important than the materials themselves. The membrane is made of delicate fats; therefore, it is crucial to this process. However, studies show the ratio of the fats matters more. Many people today understand the benefits of fish oils, but do not realize only consuming fish oil can cause something called “Omega 3 Dominance”. There is a normal balance in nature of omega 3 and 6. In nature, we see normal ratios of 1:1 to 1:5 (omega 3:6). If we go outside of those ratios, problems occur. Due to the over-consumption of grain fed meat (as opposed to grass-fed) and grains, most Americans are in fact “omega 6 dominant”. However, because of current fish oil hype we have created a new problem of omega 3 dominance, which can cause DNA damage within the cell and a sudden drop in cellular energy. There is a crucial fat in the mitochondrial membrane called cardiolipin. Studies show when in a state of omega 3 dominance, the omega 3 can replace cardiolipin. Cardiolipin is an important fat that makes up the mitochondrial membrane, which is essential for proper function in the energy pathway. Once it is replaced with omega 3 on the membrane, cellular energy and function plummets.

Part of my detox program utilizes the proper ratio of essential fatty acids and studies show that this is the most effective way to regenerate the cell membrane. It is also the ratio shown to have the greatest effect on the brain, learning ability, seep, thermoregulation, seizures, Alzheimer’s, MS, and pain threshold.

A Real Answer To “Hormone Havoc”

The answer to hormone problems caused by breast implants is not giving more hormones. Yet this is exactly what alternative doctors, as well as allopathic doctors, are doing. One group is using drugs and the other group is using bio-identical hormones. Either way, it does nothing for the cause. There is a time and a place to address symptoms and use a hormone as a crutch until you remove the true cause, but if this is the treatment for healing, then you will miss the mark. As a matter of fact, it typically only relieves certain symptoms for a short duration before the body’s intelligence begins to change the hormones it’s producing, and new symptoms arise, or the old symptoms come back.

Remember true healing only occurs by the body when the root cause is removed. The real answer to the pandemic of hormone problems (hormone havoc) on this planet is not giving more hormones but fixing the cell receptors to those hormones. Giving more hormones if they can’t connect with the cell receptors does nothing to fix the problem and does very little, if anything, to make you feel better. You must fix the receptor to the hormone so the hormone can get its message to the cell. When a cell cannot hear the message from the hormone it is known as “hormone resistance”. The most common condition of hormone resistance you’re probably familiar with is Type 2 Diabetes, which is also known as insulin resistance. What this means is the cell is resistant to insulin (it cannot hear insulin’s message). Type 2 diabetics have plenty of insulin, so giving more actually makes the problem worse. The key is fixing the cell receptors to insulin, which means you must fix the cell membrane.

Is I said above, the intelligence in the cell was in the membrane and more specifically in the hormone receptors, which are known as integral membrane proteins. The cell’s communication with its environment, including the hormones that direct its function and changes DNA, is dependent on the receptors. Cell membrane inflammation is what blunts the receptors and obviously the inflammation needs to be downregulated. However, the receptors themselves are attached and stabilized to something known as “lipid rafts”. These rafts are made of fat and if not regenerated, the receptor will not heal, and the hormone problem will not resolve. I think an interesting point is the “lipid rafts” are made up of mostly 2 fats that most people have been told are the evil duo; saturated fat and cholesterol. So, it makes sense that saturated fat and cholesterol are the two main fats needed in the solution to rebalancing hormones after explant.

A December 2010 Harvard study showed a high fat diet consisting of saturated fats found in meat and dairy products actually had a threefold decrease and therefore, improvement in diabetes. It then makes sense that these 2 fats are the fats needed to fix the receptors for hormones on the cell. My detoxification program contains not just the fats in the correct ratio to fix the outer and inner cell membrane, but the lipid rafts themselves and therefore, the receptor. This, along with a anti-inflammatory/healing diet, and detoxing heavy metals are the hidden solution to rebalancing hormones and restoring health after explant.

#3: You’re Not Restoring Cellular Energy

Cellular energy (ATP) is the gasoline of the cell and nothing runs or functions without it. A lack of ATP has become an epidemic in women with breast implants and one of the main causes of so many symptoms beyond fatigue and the lack of physical energy. Symptoms such as brain fog, digestive problems and hormone conditions may not be what you think of with the lack of cellular energy, but I can tell you this: without raising ATP in the cell, most often you will not impact those symptoms or conditions. Because of this, restoring cellular energy is one of the first things I focus on with most clients. The problem is the people who need to increase their cellular energy the most do not typically respond to most methods of raising it.

The Answer: So Simple, But So Life-Changing

When I was sick, I knew I had very little cellular energy, but what I didn’t realize is that it was keeping many of my other efforts to get well from working. Cellular energy obviously affects how we feel, and being chronically fatigued, my cellular energy (ATP) was initially my greatest hurdle to overcome. I was taking many supplements for inflammation, my gut, immune system, and detox, but at that time nothing seemed to make much of a difference. I was very sensitive to certain things and with others I felt nothing despite the dose that I took. What I didn’t know is that the lower the ATP, the more inflammation. This shows that restoring cellular energy has to be one of the first things you do, especially with very sick individuals.

Energy, Inflammation, and Unexplained Symptoms

A brilliant biochemist named Martin Pall discovered a link to an inflammation positive feedback loop that he termed the NO/ONOO cycle. In his complicated cycle, chronic inflammation driven by toxins, infections or stress of any type, stimulates certain nasty free radicals that can feed back into a perpetuating cycle that literally feeds itself. If this cycle is not down-regulated, the person becomes chronically sick with many unexplainable symptoms. As a matter of fact, if this cycle is not down-regulated, the person will remain very sick and nothing seems to work. These individuals end up with many sensitivities including multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). This was my personal experience, even after most of my symptoms of breast implant illness were gone.

In Pall’s work, the drop in ATP (cellular energy) feeds the cycle. In other words, the lower the ATP, the more inflammation. One part of the cycle gives explanation to how the drop in cellular energy (ATP) can cause the over sensitivity (MCS) by driving nerve system memory. This information emphasizes the importance of restoring cellular energy and it has to be one of the first things you do, especially if you are very sick.

The New Way to Restore Cellular Energy (ATP)

There are 2 ways to increase ATP. The first way is getting the necessary components to make energy into the cell. As I said before, it can be a challenge with an inflamed cell and a quality product takes this into consideration. This method is analogous to adding more wood to the fire. You need the fuel for the fire and therefore, this should be a part of every effective product or protocol, especially if you are looking for results.

The second way is by making more “factories”. In other words, instead of just adding more wood to the fire, make more fires (or factories) to produce more energy. This is done in the cell by producing more mitochondria. This is a process called, mitochondrial biogenesis. The mitochondria are where the energy is produced, so they’re the energy factory. Therefore, if our cells have more factories, then we should be able to produce more energy. This is exactly the case.

Athletes have more mitochondria per cell than the non-athletes and can produce much more energy. However, the opposite is also true. Sick people and people with chronic inflammation have far fewer mitochondria than the average person and, therefore, far less cellular energy even for basic function. Once again this leads to many of their symptoms including sensitivities as well as why they do not respond to what would be effective treatments. New research and technology have allowed for the creation of a product which provides incredible mitochondrial support and cellular energy (ATP) support. This product is always at the front line of every protocol I give for detoxing after explant.

Do not confuse this with an energy product that stimulates you like a cup of coffee. This product takes time to build true lasting energy that the cells can use in order to function. The irony is that many who women who go through our detox program say they notice a difference right away. I believe it is due to the down regulation of inflammation, in which ATP plays a significant role.

#4: You’re Not Reducing Cellular Inflammation


TIME Magazine, February 2004, the headlines read: “THE SECRET KILLER” – The surprising link between INFLAMMATION and HEART ATTACKS, CANCER, ALZHEIMER’S, and other diseases.” Back in 2004, this was breaking news. At that time, most people never made an association with inflammation and disease until headlines like this started pouring out from mainstream media. Today, I think the majority of people have heard of the association but still don’t really understand the connection. If you were to ask someone about inflammation, they would still think you’re referring to pain in a shoulder or knee. While this is most certainly an example of inflammation, conceptualizing how it relates to breast implants and the resulting autoimmune conditions, brain fog, abdominal bloating, joint or muscle pain, fatigue, low immunity, inability to lose weight, etc. is not something that has often been considered by the conventional medical community or even the functional medicine community for that matter.

Systemic cellular inflammation is what, in part, what is driving the epidemic of breast implant illness. More specifically, I’m referring to the inflammation of the cell membrane that affects the way the way the cell communicates, detoxes, and will ultimately changes gene expression, which leads to a disease of genetic weakness. Understanding how inflammation affects the cell and how to down-regulate it is a must to reverse almost any condition, including breast implant illness. The unfortunate reality is that most practitioners are not keeping up with some of the exciting new research in the area of inflammation, detox, and gene expression and how this relates to breast implants, which would dramatically change the results they are getting in their practices.

If You Do Not Know the Cause, You Cannot Fix the Problem

We know that breast implants themselves cause inflammation as well as immune dysfunction, hormone dysregulation, and a toxic body, and thus need to be removed as the first step to restoring health. In addition to this (and what most fail to address) is that although there are many causes of cellular inflammation (including breast implants), there are 3 main contributors that always need to be addressed after explant in order to down-regulate inflammation, which in turn will help restore the body back to health.

The first of the 3 is one that practitioners fail to focus on because they often don’t want to change this in their own lives, or perhaps they don’t fully understand the significance of this change. Controlling glucose/insulin is of paramount importance for any anti-inflammation program to be effective as it is a driving force that cannot be penetrated by any supplementation protocol. For example, diabetics don’t die from diabetes, but from other degenerative conditions. This is directly due to the oxidation/inflammation from uncontrolled glucose and insulin, which causes premature aging and disease. By the way, grains, not sugar, are the #1 contributor to elevated glucose. Yes, even whole grains. Did you know that 2 pieces of whole grain toast or a bowl of oatmeal raises glucose the same as a 12oz soda? This is why I suggest eliminating most (or all) grains from the diet until cellular inflammation is corrected after explant.

The second major contributor to the cellular inflammation epidemic is “bad fats”. I wish it were as simple as saying bad fats drive inflammation, but It’s not so. When we look at new research about the cell membrane, it becomes clear that saturated fat and cholesterol (the 2 most vilified fats) are in fact the 2 most necessary fats to regenerate the cell membrane. The irony is the fats being promoted by our “protective” government bodies for maintaining health are the real culprits. Oxidized and denatured polyunsaturated fats, which are in everything we eat in the form of vegetable oils, are the real bad guys. It is not that polyunsaturated fats “bad” in and of themselves, but are very fragile and denature easily, which turns them into bad fat. We are all familiar with the damaging effects of trans fats such as hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils, and many companies even promote their products using labels that say: “No Trans Fats”, but vegetable oils have now become the bigger issue. Even most fish oil is denatured because, it too, is polyunsaturated and very fragile. Because fish oil is easily oxidized, it only drives inflammation up even further. The simple truth is this: do the opposite of what the government is saying and get rid of the vegetable oils. Utilize the products in our detoxification program that contain healthy fats in the right ratio for optimal health and cell function and eat more grass-fed meat and dairy. This is another core principle of our anti-inflammatory/healing diet.

Lastly, toxins are, in my opinion, the biggest driving factor of inflammation today. And with breast implants, the source of these toxins is literally living inside your chest cavity next to your heart and adjacent to many lymph nodes.

Earlier I spoke of an inflammation cycle called the NO/ONOO Cycle. It is the brilliant work of a biochemist named Martin Pall. Pall, in his vast research of cellular inflammation and his NO/ONOO Cycle theory, has given us an answer for so many unexplainable illnesses. During my struggle to regain my own health I suffered from extreme “multiple chemical sensitivity” (MCS). MCS is considered by most to be unexplainable, but Pall’s theory gives a true etiology. MCS lies within the wake of so many chronic “unexplainable” symptoms of breast implant illness. Most of these poor women go misunderstood and mistreated or are told it’s all in their heads; I can assure you FIRSTHAND, it is not.

Detox Was Not Enough

At this point, most of you understand why reducing inflammation is so important for restoring health after explant. However, this information about inflammation driven by the NO/ONOO Cycle leads to the final piece of the puzzle.

Even after I emptied my bucket (removing my toxic load) after explant, I was still plagued by bizarre symptoms that seemed to appear out of nowhere. I think it was more frustrating because I would go days, weeks, and sometimes even a month or more without symptoms only to revisit symptoms that I had in my worst times. As a matter of fact, I recall saying many times to my husband, in my periodic flare-ups (even though random and infrequent by comparison), that I could not go back there. What I was most afraid of when I had overcome so much was revisiting the hell of all of the breast implant illness symptoms that I was delivered from.

I simply couldn’t understand, nor figure out why these periodic episodes would come and go and leave me in such a frazzled state. At one point I realized that these episodes were not so random, and I actually began to realize that they followed exposures to certain chemicals. It took time, but I began to isolate what those chemicals were and the various feelings or symptoms that they brought about. In fact, this is a good place for me to bring your attention to something I have found in many other women and not just myself; that a variety of chemicals that are inhaled either intentionally or unintentionally can bring about symptoms that are not random and need to be acknowledged.

It may be the whiff of a diesel truck, or perhaps a woman’s (or man’s) fragrance on the street or in the office. I have even had first-hand experience with women staying sick and unwilling to admit that they were their own source of exacerbation. It’s very difficult at times to remove the sources when it’s all around you and in your daily life. That still does not change the fact that removing the obvious exacerbating sources is step one. I removed the sources I knew were affecting me, but there were just too many other exposures that would send me reeling backwards. I just couldn’t go on like this. Especially when people think you’re nuts and at times you think that perhaps you are. Pall’s work explains this problem.

Now that I understood the NO/ONOO theory, I was able to begin utilizing a particular product (that I now often recommend) for the purpose of stopping the vicious cycle of inflammation. Like I said before, the NO/ONOO Cycle is a positive feedback loop that perpetuates inflammation within the cell. In this complicated cycle, chronic inflammation, driving by toxins, infections, or stress of any type, stimulates certain free radicals that can feed back into the perpetuating cycle that literally feeds itself. And these nutrients were working! I began to be a non-fearing, and almost excited, fully functional part of society again. This product literally saved me years and money. It has impacted so many lives. 

It’s important to point out that with breast implant illness, detox alone isn’t enough once the vicious cycle unleashes its fury of cellular inflammation. The toxins must come out, but the cycle must also be stopped to bring you back to a normal life.

#5: You’re Not Reestablishing Methylation

At this point, it should be more than obvious that the detox we walk our clients through was divinely created and is the perfect solution to healing from breast implant illness because it addresses every single point I have made thus far, including this one. 

We didn’t get sick because of our bad genes, but from a bad lifestyle and living with toxic breast implants inside us on top of living in a toxic world. The new science backs this concept and gives a better understanding of how gene expression actually occurs and more importantly how to reverse the bad gene expression for good. These new treatments have been groundbreaking in so many areas of disease, including breast implant illness. I can testify to my own experience as a practitioner to the growing number of cases that do not respond to protocols that had previously helped so many; I know many of you reading this can relate. You can have the best protocol, diet and intentions, but if a bad gene of susceptibility is turned on and expressing an unhealthy condition, it must be turned off for true healing and lasting change.

Breast implants are a stressor and can turn on a bad gene, and oftentimes, it gets triggered during emotionally stressful times such as divorce, separation, the death of a loved one, etc. Many thyroid and autoimmune conditions start shortly after a stressful event in someone with breast implants and will not resolve until the gene is turned off. The comment I’m always hearing is “I felt fine until…”. These conditions can also be triggered by the toxins you’re exposed to from breast implants themselves.

Is Your Agouti Gene Triggered?

The best example of a toxin’s ability to trigger a gene is a study that was done at Duke University and the findings can be used to explain what happens with exposure to other toxins found in breast implants. The study took identical twin mice and separated the brothers and sisters into two groups and exposed one group of twins to a common toxin found in plastics, cosmetics and many other sources including canned foods. The toxin is called BPA, and is known for its ability to turn on obesity genes. It is commonly referred to as an “obesogen” (a chemical that causes obesity).

The BPA was given to the mice at a dose relative to their size compared to that of a human. Both groups exercised and ate the same diet. The identical twins given the toxin BPA, despite exercising and eating the same diet as their twin brothers and sisters, became obese because a gene known as the “agouti gene” was triggered. The agouti gene, when turned on, will cause obesity, heart disease and even their hair to turn dry and yellow. Their offspring were not exposed to the BPA but were born doomed for obesity because their “agouti gene” was turned on from their parent’s toxic exposure. They became fat teenage mice despite exercise and the same diet as their thin twins.

The best part of the study was they gave the mice something called methyl groups, which methylate DNA to turn off the fat gene. They became thin again and even their new offspring remained thin as well. Giving methyl groups is part of my strategy with every client going through my detoxification program.

Why Most Methylation Products NO NOT WORK

The methylation support we use is most complete methylation product available today. The methylation cycle is very complex with many rate-limiting factors that can cause depletion, and what I use is the only product I know of that addresses all of them. Using certain active forms of methyl donors that are utilized directly in the cell without being converted to another form, such as methyltetrahydrofolate, is important because many people do not have the enzymes to make the conversion and are predisposed to methyl depletion (this is known as an MTHFR genetic snp). These individuals are also more predisposed to toxic build up and need to take the correct product with the active form. Methyl depletion goes far beyond the inability to detox but sets up a host of unexplainable symptoms and diseases that is best explained by a principle known as “The Methylation Priority Principle”.

The Methylation Priority Principle

Methylation is a process in the body with many responsibilities, one of which is to turn good genes on and bad genes off. If methyl groups are lacking, it leaves greater opportunity for toxins, inflammation and other stressors to trigger bad genes more easily.

There is a hierarchy of importance in the body for all things needed, and survival is always at the top, therefore your body’s innate intelligence will utilize methyl groups for survival first at the expense of other needs for methylation such as protecting the DNA and gene expression. If methyl groups are lacking, your body will use them first to adapt to stress as a means for survival. For, example, it needs methyl groups to activate cortisol and adrenalin (the two most important stress hormones) and if there is a lack of methyl groups it will take them away from other uses to activate the hormones needed to adapt to stress. If your body does not adapt to stress it dies, and its greatest priority is to live. The problem is that now the other needs are not met, and new problems will arise such as DNA damage (cancer) or genes of susceptibility being turned on. This is a new understanding of how the stress of breast implants and their toxins can lead to a host of different symptoms and diseases.

Stress in fact, is the number one way methyl groups become deleted. Remember, your body doesn’t know the difference between different types of stress: whether physical, chemical, or emotional. Its response is the same, and its use of methyl groups to adapt to the stress is the same. Yes, your breast implants are costing you valuable methyl groups and putting your DNA at risk, and so is your worrying. Consider your chemical exposures, not just from breast implants, but also from toxic personal care products, silver amalgam fillings, non-organic foods, grain-fed meats, city water, vaccinations, the list goes on. Add these stressors together (emotional and chemical) it’s no wonder methyl depletion is driving a surge in symptoms related to breast implant illness. Even chronic anxiety and depression can be linked to methyl depletion. Methyl groups are needed to turn on the stress response, but they are also needed to turn it off. Some people become so depleted due to multiple stressors that they simply don’t have enough to turn off the stress response and are left in a heightened stress reaction with ups and downs in cortisol and adrenalin. These individuals not only have anxiety, but also sleep problems and eventually depression.

BONUS: #6: You’re Not Using True Binders

You’re likely using things like chlorella or cilantro as a binder for detoxification because others have raved about as these amazing organic binders. The problem with these organic compounds is that they are very weak binders. Heavy metals are very heavy. Because other products like chlorella and cilantro can’t fully bind, the metals are not completely eliminated, and therefore end up re-circulating back into the body.

Not only that, but chlorella and cilantro are metabolized and used by the microbiome to their benefit, so as they go through the gut, they become structurally different compounds. Studies on their use for binding heavy metals and toxins are in vitro without the microbiome. So, you see, these compounds are not ideal for heavy metal detoxification. When you’re detoxing heavy metals, you MUST have a true binder that passes through unaltered and can support the body’s natural ability to detoxify.

The binders I use in my detoxification program can fully bind and hold heavy metals and other toxins tightly, therefore, re-distribution in the body is no longer a concern. It’s structure holds tight for cell detoxification support. The system I use has created a groundbreaking change in supporting our body’s natural cell detoxification systems.

The real proof of a true binder’s efficacy is whether it can successfully cross cell membranes as well as the blood brain barrier. To have confidence in a binder, it needs to perform in specific tests that can confirm its ability to travel through cell membranes unimpeded. Most Zeolite products out there on the market contain particles which are supportive to the body, with one caveat. Based upon the size of the particle, they stay in the gut and cannot pass through cell membranes. As a result, none of these other products have proven to be effective.

Cell membranes are semi-permeable barriers and gatekeepers to the cell. This means that some molecules can diffuse across the lipid bilayer quickly, slowly, or not all depending on several factors like charge and size.

Pharmaceutical companies developed the science of liposomes to help deliver drugs into the lymph, blood and targeted tissues through the cell’s lipid bilayer. The product I utilize uses this same science to create the first and only clinoptilolite zeolite liposomes.

Using this patented liposomal technology, we can support the delivery of clinoptilolite molecules beyond cell-membrane barriers as well as across the blood brain barrier to pull toxins out of the brain and out of the cells for elimination from the body. It truly is the only product of its kind. And getting across the blood brain barrier is crucial because we store toxins in our fat and bone and our brains are 70% fat. This is the reason we develop neurotoxic symptoms like brain fog, poor memory, anxiety/depression, unexplained pain, muscle weakness, migraines/headaches, numbness/tingling of extremities, etc.

My Final Plea

My customized BII Warrior Detoxification Program came out of much suffering and it may not be the answer to every single health problem out there, but it will impact those who truly get it. I believe with 100% certainty that it is the perfect solution to reversing symptoms and restoring health after explant.

It is estimated that 3% of people are those who just take action and live their lives from “cause”. They intuitively know that everything in life comes from something. This knowing drives them to always look deeper, and even to look to themselves for the answers so they can make the necessary changes to affect their outcome. They rarely look to blame, and it is these 3%-ers that are most successful in the majority of things they do in life. The 97% seem to have a lot of reasons why they will not do something and live their lives from “effect” not considering that there is always a cause. Most blame others or simply think life is random and therefore do not take action to make changes. The best part is we can learn to be Doers. It is a daily choice. BE A DOER! TAKE ACTION WITH WHAT YOU LEARNED HERE! I know you didn’t read this by accident.

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Professional Bio

Founder of Reversing Breast Implant Illness. Sarah has a passion for restoring health that has taken her along a path from a practicing RN, to walking away from her conventional nursing career to become a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner, and Breast Implant Illness and Detox Expert. She believes the solution to Reversing Breast Implant illness is about more than just the explant and that we all need to take personal responsibility for restoring our health by addressing the root causes that contribute to chronic illness: toxicity, infections, trauma, and shame. Sarah’s “pain to purpose” is using her personal experience along with her understanding about the body to guide women through the sea of mis-information about Breast Implant Illness in hopes of finding their path to true and lasting healing.

Sarah was once quite happy and comfortable living the conventional life, but she began to look at things very differently when her body started failing her after getting breast implants. Within about six months of getting breast implants, Sarah began to see her once perfect health steadily decline. She began experiencing a myriad of symptoms which no doctor could explain. No one understood what Sarah was going through. She felt completely alone in this invisible illness because on the outside she looked fine. On the inside, the discomfort of living inside her own body was maddening.

Sarah soon realized she was looking in the wrong places, for the wrong things. If she wanted to fix her broken body, she had to stop looking to treat the symptoms; she had to start looking for a cause. It was time to take her health into her own hands and find real answers. She discovered that the root cause was literally inside of her.

Sarah believes there is always a greater purpose within our struggles, and she believes that purpose for her was to learn how to heal her own body so she could then help other women like her do the same. It is Sarah’s believe that the body has an innate desire to heal if given what it needs and she focuses on teaching natural healing principles. Sarah will teach you how to Reverse Breast Implant Illness, take back your health, and live vibrantly!


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  5. Jill Wall

    Bless your work! Do you think it’s safe to detox in sauna and or other supplements/herbs while I’m WAITING for explant or will it stir up more issues?

    1. reversingbreastimplantillness

      Hi Jill! Thank you! I typically say no, you should do any form of detox prior to explant. BUT I did for 2 years before I explanted and did just fine with it. I used the IR sauna and did mineral rebalancing for detox. My preference now is True Cellular Detox having done both. You can actually do the prep phase of the detox prior to explant to support your body’s detox pathways, which I think is very helpful. And IR sauna is up to you to try. The theory is that they release more toxins as they are heated up, but it really does help some people feel better before explant. You won’t know if it’s right for you until you try. If you feel worse, best to wait.

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