What has life been like since becoming sick and how has it impacted you?

In my first video in this series, I asked you the question, what was life like prior to becoming sick? And I shared this answer from my own life as well. In this video I’ll be asking another question.. what is your life like now or since becoming sick and how has it impacted you? I’m going to share what my life was like when I became sick and how it impacted me as well. And I hope you all can resonate with what I’m going to share and that you’ll take the time to share also.

Within about six months of getting breast implants, I began to see my once “perfect health” (I say “perfect” because I had a terrible diet and not the most healthy lifestyle, but zero symptoms of any kind) steadily decline. I began to experience fatigue, irritability, anxiety, feeling cold when no one else was, easy weight gain, brain fog, inability to focus on I was reading, severe fatigue and irritability after exercise, dry skin, loss in sex drive, and forgetfulness. At the time I worked night shift as a nurse at a busy hospital and for some time thought: “if I can just get on a day shift, I will feel better”. I would literally come home after working a few nights in a row, sleep until about 5, wake up for a few hours, then fall back asleep for the night. This was routine. I knew something was wrong because I was no longer myself.

As time passed, symptoms worsened.

I began experiencing night sweats, horrific insomnia, mind racing, perioral dermatitis, headaches, food sensitivities, chemical sensitivity, heart palpitations, periods of tachycardia when at rest, and extreme anxiety to the point of not wanting to be in public. I couldn’t stand loud sounds or bright lights and being at work in a noisy environment with everyone chit-chatting around me was torture. I experienced chest tightness, shallow breathing, and a real fun one, mental awareness of every single breath I took. Now for those of you who don’t know, breathing is part of your autonomic nervous system. It just happens automatically, and you are not supposed to be aware of it.

I began having menstrual periods that started out with vomiting, explosive diarrhea, and excruciating pain…all at the same time. Sometimes I had to resort to oxycodone just to get relief. This led to planning my work schedule around my menstrual cycle. I had no idea what was wrong with me. I was a mess and I felt completely alone. No one understood what I was going through because on the outside I looked fine.

Relationship Struggles

Beyond what I was personally going through, this struggle put a huge strain on my marriage as well. It’s so hard to cope with a spouse who suddenly from what seems like out of nowhere becomes this sick. I am very blessed to have a loving and supportive husband, but it was still a strain on our relationship. How we feel tends to express itself in how we treat others. There were times I was just not a nice person to be around. Period.

From here, I started having IBS symptoms: bloating, gas, frequent stools, loose stools, and PAIN every evening. I felt my best after going to the bathroom in the morning and worse as the day went on and ate more food (classic SIBO symptoms). It was to the point of not wanting to do anything social because I was so uncomfortable. All I could do was lay in bed and wait until the next morning when I felt a little better again.

Living in my body was so uncomfortable

There were times I literally just wanted to jump outside of my skin and hide under a rock. I could no longer work out because lifting weights left me feeling weak and irritable. The stress of it felt like too much to handle…and it was. I could no longer tolerate any kind of conflict, which made me feel like I might explode. The discomfort was maddening. I started to wonder if I was just going to have to learn to live with all the symptoms. I’m pretty sure everyone I knew thought I was crazy.

As I said, I hope this resonates with you and you can see yourself in parts of this story and know that you’re not alone. I completely understand what you’re going through and it’s hard…AND there is still hope for you to restore your health and rediscover your true self, your best self. 

Share in the comments to answer this question and share with me what life has been like since becoming sick and how has it impacted you?

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