The Impact of Mindset on Healing

Get Clear on Your WHY

If I’ve said this once, I’ve said it a million times because it’s that important. Before you decide to embark and this healing journey, it’s important to get clear on your WHY. Why did you decide to explant? Why do you want to do the work? Why do you want to get your health back? Where is this showing up in your life? What are your highest values? DIG DEEP. I highly encourage you to spend some time thinking about this because when the why is strong the how is easier. Write it down and put it in places where you’ll see it often so that you can reflect on it when the healing journey gets hard.

The Power of Expectation

It’s so important that you expect to get the results that you want. Often times people let their past experiences dictate their future. I sometimes see this when people have been from one practitioner to the next, feel that they have tried everything, and still don’t feel better. It’s hard to believe that after all we’ve been through and tried, that healing is still possible for us. But we don’t want to be a victim of our past. We want to be able to claim victory over Breast Implant Illness. If you expect that you will heal as you embark on this journey and you’re willing to do whatever it takes, then you need to start preparing for that healing to come. Start thinking…what would a healthy person be doing in this situation? What would a healthy person say in this situation? What would a healthy person be thinking in this situation? We have to start planning for success in this healing journey. Sit down and write out all the things that you want to accomplish with your health as well as all the things that you’ve been expecting to happen. If there is incongruence here then you have some work to do. I challenge you to use the power of expectation and watch your life change….

Healing Mindset vs Sick Mindset: Address Victim Mentality, Panic/Urgency

This is a really important topic because how can we heal if we’re operating in a “sick” mindset? Our minds are so powerful, and we can use them as a tool for healing or they can become our detriment. So, what is a sick mindset? What comes to mind for me is someone who identifies with their symptoms or labels/diagnoses. Breast Implant Illness may be one of them. There may be other things like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Hashimoto’s, etc. When someone has a “sick” mindset, their identity (who they truly are) comes from those labels. And in some way, they may be benefiting from them. Maybe they don’t quite understand how they’re benefiting on a conscious level but subconsciously they’re stuck because they can’t disassociate themselves from those labels and symptoms and they’re stuck constantly thinking about their symptoms all the time and overanalyzing every single symptom or “setback” they have and google searching every single symptom to death to try to figure out what’s wrong with them. This way of thinking can keep you in this never-ending vicious cycle and never getting well.

The other thing that I notice about someone with a sick mindset is that they are operating out of this place of urgency and panic. Every symptom and everything they experience is a big deal. We really can’t heal in that state of fight or flight. These people often times claim their diagnoses or labels. They speak in terms of “MY”…my fibromyalgia, my Hashimoto’s, my cancer. You may not be one of these people but I’m sure you know people who are. If you’re claiming your diagnosis, how can you separate yourself from it? That’s not who you are. It’s what you’re experiencing, but it’s not who you are.

People with a “sick” mindset are often looking for someone to blame. Someone to blame for the things they’ve been through and the things they’re currently experiencing…someone needs to be at fault for this. Often these types of people are angry at the world. They’re angry at the doctor for not finding the thing that was making them sick. They’re angry at the FDA for allowing something like breast implants to be put on the market. They’re angry at their surgeon for not warning them about all of the potential problems that could arise with breast implants. That’s just one example. We see this in many different aspects of chronic illness and symptoms and diagnoses and treatments. These are some really common traits that I see with this particular kind of person.

IF this sounds like you then we really want to work on tweaking things so that you can tap into the benefits of a healing mindset. Our minds are incredibly powerful, and we can use our minds to help heal ourselves. According to Bruce Lipton (and I agree), our cells are listening to our thoughts, so whatever you think, you’re right (regardless of whether it’s actually true or not) and your cells are going to respond accordingly. We have the power within our mind to change how our cells are functioning. So guard your thoughts; guard your mind, and really focus on healing and encouraging thoughts, rather than the thoughts that are detrimental to your healing. Remember, whatever you’re thinking, you’re right.

Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Stop referring to yourself as “sick”. We all do this. It is so easy to do when we’re explaining ourselves or what’s going on in our lives. Wipe that from your vocabulary. You are not sick. You are healing. You are doing everything you can to heal. You are taking the next right step each day and you’re doing the best that you can. Keep telling yourself every day that you’re healing. Speak life into your body. Speak life into all the organs and systems and cells. Don’t speak sickness over yourself.
  • Secondly, you have to believe that your body is capable of healing. If you’re speaking all the right things about your ability to heal but you don’t believe it, there is a significant disconnect there. Your thoughts and beliefs are incongruent. These things need to be in alignment. We first have to believe that we can heal before we ever will heal.
  • Thirdly, work on stepping out of that place of panic, urgency, worry, doubt, and fear, and step into peace and pleasure and faith and hope and joy and belief. What that means is, not freaking out about every single symptom that you’re experiencing and recognize and start accepting that it’s just your body speaking to you in the language of symptoms. Most things are not urgent. Leaning into that place of peace and pleasure and calm is crucial to your healing. Remaining in a place of panic, urgency, disbelief, fear, and doubt only fuels the fire in your body. I fuels the fight/flight sympathetic tone. We want to support the rest/digest/heal parasympathetic tone. We want to do things every day to support the parasympathetic side of the nervous system. Here are some examples:
    • Do things every week that are fun that get you away from thinking of your symptoms all the time. Allow yourself to find joy in life at whatever place in the healing journey you’re in. Be silly, watch a comedy, laugh, play a board game. Whatever it is, just do things that bring you joy in life.
    • Fear, worry, and panic are the opposite of faith and they will prevent your healing. If you recognize yourself going down the urgent/panic/worry/fear rabbit hole, there are things you can do to help bring yourself out of that state. It might be something like going into a quiet room by yourself for a couple of minutes and practice slow/deep belly breathing where you’re slowing your respiratory rate down to about 6 breaths per minute, breathing out over a closed glottis (sounds like you’re fogging a window). This is an easy and free way to activate your vagus nerve and support the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system and calm your body. You have the power and control to make these shifts. None of those negative thoughts are serving you.
  • Lastly, this (Breast Implant Illness) didn’t happen TO you; it happened FOR you. This is really important distinguishing language. The symptoms that you’ve dealt with, the suffering you’ve experienced…it really has happened FOR you, so that you could learn WHO you truly are, and HOW you should be living in order to restore your health and keep your health for the rest of your life. Who would you be/where would you be if you hadn’t gone through this experience? It definitely has changed me, and I’m sure it’s changed you too….I’m sure there are MANY other reasons this has happened FOR you that you can think of.

What I want you to know is no one can “fix” you. You have to do the work and hopefully that is very empowering because it tells you that you have the ability to self-heal. You were born with this innate intelligence to self-heal. In order to tap into that healing potential, you have to understand that this didn’t happen TO you, but FOR you. You are not a victim; you are a victOR and WILL claim victory over this illness. And that’s a healing mindset.

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