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Microbe Formulas:

Aid your Body to Function Well with Microbe Formulas
Microbe Formulas is one such premier parasite supplement company which “unlocks
your health with the power of a true detox”. As cited on their website.
Microbe Formulas Best-Selling Products and their Basic Features:
Mimosa Pudica
· This is the jewel in the crown of Microbe Formulas for immune and digestive support.
· Has Ayurvedic origin.
· Is a fat-soluble dietary supplement.
· It is free from all kinds of additives.
· When this is combined to BioActive Carbon Plus and Formula 1 you get the synergistic
Formula 1
· Is a multi-herb formula specially for immune and digestive support.
· The best-selling formula is organic blend of multiple ingredients which increases the
body’s ability to enhance the immune system and subsequently detox.
· This also constitutes BioActive Carbon Plus to permit effective restoration of health to
the chelated areas.
BioActive Carbon MetChem
· Acts as a strong assistance for the removal of heavy metals and environmental toxins
from the gut.
· Has active carbon extracts from fulvic acid, humic acid and ulmic acid, which binds
nicely to the body toxins.
· Made of high-quality organic ingredients.
· Heals Gastrointestinal System.
BioActive Carbon BioTox
· Is a Systemic Biotoxin Binder to fight against pathogens.
· Fights against Biotoxins.

· Made up of high-quality organic ingredients.
· Supports the passages in the body preventing inflammation.
· Supports digestive microbes.
Intestinal Mover
· Digestive and Detox Support.
· Supports super bowel function.
· Renders relief from constipation without any cramps.
· Contains natural ingredients.
· Non-habit forming.
All Microbe Formulas Products are with Risk Free Money Back Guarantee.
All About the Company:
The co-founder of Microbe Formulas, Dr. Jay Davidson an ambitious
researcher and successful clinician. He with his team of devoted doctors are in the real
world virtually working with their patients. The company’s mission statement underlines
the hope in people to get rid of the unhealthiness, unhappiness, and unproductiveness in
life. They have created such effective supplements that work efficiently in restoring hope
and health.
Dr. Todd Watts D.C., PSc.D is a Parasite expert who in association with the co-
founder have worked together to combat the ill-effects of parasites. Hence, have come up
with leading supplements to aid the full body detoxification.

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