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Gain access to professional grade supplements at 10% off on my Fullscript dispensary that I have hand-picked just for women going through explant, liposuction, fat transfer, lift, and recovery. I have included supplements for basic nutrients, for the gut, healing scars, post-surgical swelling, liposuction, for detox assistance, for post-surgical constipation, for digestive support, and to support your body’s function. These are supplements from a company that you can trust. They are an online supplement dispensary that works directly from the manufacturers and only health practitioners can make Fullscript purchases available to their patients and clients.

With how readily available the internet has made access to pretty much anything you want, counterfeit supplements are a huge problem these days, especially on sites with third party sellers like Amazon. Supplement quality is an important issue because it impacts people’s health and their ability to get well. According to THIS article, “over the past five years Amazon committed nearly 4,000 violations of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act by allowing third-parties to sell and distribute imported pesticide products from Amazon warehouses even though the pesticides were not licensed for sale in the United States.”

And the article also cites a government report claiming that popular goods sold through Amazon, Walmart, and others are counterfeits. They found that 43% of popular items purchased through Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Sears Marketplace, and Newegg websites were counterfeit!!! This is absurdly high! With statistics like this, how can we possibly trust online sellers?

As the article points out, the take home point is just because something is sold on a well-known website doesn’t mean that it’s safe, legal, or authentic.

And if you think supplements are expensive, read my article Health Care vs Wellness Care HERE.

*These are not recommendations. I cannot make recommendations to anyone who is not a personal client of mine. These are simply here for you if you choose to try them on your own.

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