Megaspore Biotic

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Get It Now!

MegaSporeBiotic™ is a spore form pharmaceutical-grade probiotic supplement that contains Bacillus Indicus HU36™, a patented probiotic strain that produces antioxidants in the gut.

This is by far the best probiotic to use for anyone with breast implant illness and I recommend it to all my clients. Improves digestion, produces B vitamins, modulates the immune system, antibiotic effects against pathogens, antibiotic resistant, and more! See all the benefits below.


  • Aids in digestion
  • Improves regularity
  • Helps control bacterial overgrowth
  • Detoxifies the intestinal tract
  • Reduces inflammation & pain
  • Assists in the reduction of cholesterol
  • Produces key nutrients – antioxidants (via HU36™), B-vitamins, Vitamin K2, Nattokinase, and CoQ10
  • Provides immune modulation for the prevention and treatment of infections, allergies and asthma
  • Designed by Nature

    MegaSporeBiotic™ is formulated with nature in mind. Spores, derived from the word “seed,”are the most basic building block of a new cell. Found naturally in our environment, spores area robust and effective way of delivering probiotics. Once they reach the intestines, they go to work strengthening the immune system and protecting you from infection.


    Stomach Survivor

    Our scientists have found a way to deliver these probiotics safely to the digestive system.These strains have a tough natural outer shell that protects them from the stomach acid. This key feature is what makes MegaSporeBiotic™ effective and what separates us from all other probiotic products.


    Antioxidant Benefits

    MegaSporeBiotic™ introduces HU36™, the first commercially available carotenoid rich probiotic. This strain naturally produces forms of lycopene, astaxanthin, zeaxanthin, beta carotene and lutein in your digestive tract right at the site of absorption. This makes them the most bioavailable antioxidants known to science.

  • Convenient – No Refrigeration

  • Traveling with MegaSporeBiotic™ is convenient, uncomplicated, and practical because it does not require refrigeration. If a probiotic is so fragile it requires refrigeration, how will it survive the high temperatures and acidity of the stomach? It won’t. MegaSporeBiotic™ survives and arrives at the site of colonization alive, so it can perform its probiotic function!

What’s in Megaspore?

1. Bacillus Licheniformis

– Produces antibiotic bacitracin.
– Produces protease and improves protein digestion.
– Produces whole spectrum of B vitamins and Folic acid

2. Bacillus Indicus HU36

– Potent immune stimulation.
– Produces high levels of carotenoids – lycopene, axtaxanthin, beta-carotene, and lutein.
– Produces quinols and vitamins.
– The most effective antioxidant probiotic on the market.

3. Bacillus Subtilis HU58

– Produces over 12 affective antibiotics.
– Widely used, safe and highly effective.
– Produces nattokinase and vitamin K2.
– Highly important for immune development – GALT.

4. Bacillus Clausii

– Most widely used probiotic drug in the world.
– Potent immune stimulator.
– Antibiotic resistant for use during antibiotic treatment.

5. Bacillus Coagulans

– Strongly studied with long history of use.
– In IBS, Crohn’s ulcerative colitis.
– Produces L+ optical form of lactic acid.
– Potent immune stimulation.

*Other ingredients: Pharmaceutical grade cellulose, vegetable capsule (cellulose and water).

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