If you’re like me then you aren’t going to settle until you’ve completely restored your health (to read my BII story, click HERE). I knew that was going to involve some deeper detox work after explant. So on top of being a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner and a Registered Nurse, I also became certified in True Cellular Detoxification® and began working on detoxing my body, which has allowed me to completely restore my health. This detox program is now completed by all of my clients as part of a complete and holistic health-rebuilding program after explant. I am happy to say that is is now being offered as a stand-alone option with my support throughout the process for those of you who want a true detoxification program laid out for you that is easy to follow and can be tailored to your unique needs.

We have all been exposed to the same toxins bleeding into our bodies from DAY ONE of being implanted. Detoxing after explant is one thing that should be included across the board after explant. As a holistic health practitioner I can tell you that all detox programs are NOT created equally. And there is a lot of misinformation out there about detoxing.

I also want you to know that gel bleed DOES happen over time. This means that regardless of whether you have a rupture or not, toxins and heavy metals are slowly leaching into your body from your implants. Your breast implants don’t have to look like this to make you sick:

gel bleed

Mine looked like this photo below and I was still sick for 5.5 of the 6 years I had them inside me:

my breast implants


Think of your body as a bucket. Now imagine the toxins that surround us in daily life are the liquid that slowly fills that bucket. With each toxic exposure your bucket becomes more full. Now add toxic implants to the picture. A toxic exposure here and there isn’t such a big deal; however, chronic exposure to an onslaught of chemicals from living with breast implants inside your body for years, not to mention the addition of physical and emotional stressors, fills up your bucket each day, and at some point the bucket begins to overflow. With breast implants it may take a few months or decades before your bucket spills over, but once it does, cellular inflammation is triggered and unwanted symptoms arise. Please note that symptoms are the last thing to appear during the development of chronic illness, so if you have symptoms, your body has been breaking down for quite some time.

The detoxification process begins, of course, by removing the root cause (breast implants, amalgam fillings, cavitations, mold, other toxic exposures) of the body-wide damage. This is the first step of the 5R’s of detoxing and healing. Then we support the body’s natural ability to detox the heavy metals and toxins left behind in our cells, tissues, organs, bones, and brain. Removing the toxins from breast implants that have accumulated over time in the body is essential to getting results and can be where health restoration begins after explant.

True Cellular Detoxification® supports the body’s natural ability to detox at the cellular level, which can help you realize your greatest level of health following explant. No other detox program can accomplish detoxification at this level. The products we use during this detox program have also been successful at removing silicone from the body, making it optimal for those suffering from breast implant illness. It is one of the most comprehensive health restoration programs in the world.

IMG_3127 (2)

This detox program consists of three phases:

  • Prep Phase: Prepares the cellular purification and downstream pathways for safe and effective elimination of toxins/heavy metals. We first want to make sure we prepare the body for detoxification by opening up downstream detox pathways, re-establishing methylation, regenerating cell membranes so we can successfully chelate toxins out of the cells, upregulating ATP production (cellular energy) and generating new mitochondria (they produce ATP), re-innoculating the gut with potent beneficial bacteria, and nourishing the liver and kidneys so they can effectively do their jobs.

  • Body Phase: We fist want to clear the body of toxins/heavy metals. Impurities move from higher concentration to lower, thus preparing for purification of the brain. In the Body Phase we begin to chelate metals from our organs, tissues, and cells in the body using Cytodetox (a true binder that is also liposomal), so it bypasses the gut and gets directly into the bloodstream where it can travel to different parts of the body. We’re also using a gut binder to help mop up toxins that get dumped into the gut. This particular binder binds in a matrix that cannot be reabsorbed via the enterohepatic circulation cycle. This is very important. We don’t want toxins being reabsorbed back into circulation. Meanwhile, we’re still supporting cell membrane regeneration, methylation, and the mitochondria for optimal cellular energy. Additionally, we’re supporting intra-cellular glutathione production. This means that we are providing key nutrients designed to boost the body’s own innate production of glutathione (the body’s master antioxidant, necessary for detoxification). This is the only proven way to get glutathione to reach the cells. Research shows that direct Glutathione supplementation is ineffective because it is degraded in the G.I. tract.

  • Brain Phase: The Brain Phase is the ultimate goal of detoxification. We want to nourish and cleanse the brain and nerve tissue using fat-soluble true binders. This phase allows for deep detoxification of the cell and binds toxins at the level of the brain for safe elimination from the body. We’re continuing to support methylation, glutathione production, and binding toxins in the gut in the Brain Phase. Additionally, we’re focusing on replacing minerals lost during detox.

IMG_3505 (3)


Supposed natural heavy metal chelators, such as cilantro and chlorella, proved to be too weak to bind to heavy metals long enough to get them out of the body, ultimately allowing these toxins to re-circulate back into the fatty tissue and cells of the body. These natural binders may show some binding capacity in a class beaker or lab setting. However, once in the gut, microbial activity typically eliminate and alter these plant based structures, rendering them unable to truly bind to toxins. Therefore, these natural plant “chelators” are not true binders.

Dimercaptosuccinic acid or DMSA is a true binder. However, accessing a good quality DMSA has become a real challenge (due to recent FDA regulations). When you’re detoxing heavy metals, you MUST have a true binder that can support the body’s natural ability to detoxify. Cytodetox contains this new clinoptilolite zeolite structure and other natural binders. Practitioners (including myself) have been using this product for over 3 years now with amazing results. Now, with the new and improved Cytodetox, we expect even more amazing results.


Cytodetox is a tool I find critical to supporting my clients outcomes, and I want to share this breakthrough science with you. Cytodetox is an incredible breakthrough in cellular detoxification. There are so man reasons Cytodetox is superior to other zeolite or clinoptilolite products on the market. I personally. only use and recommend the absolute best.

***Please note, that it is not advised to use Cytodetox or any other clinoptilolite product without the necessary supportive products for detoxification. Using a product like this in isolation of the rest of the True Cellular Detox® program can leave you completely depleted of glutathione and minerals and can be quite taxing on the kidneys and liver. To read about the things people do wrong during a detox, click HERE.


During the detox program I utilize the meta-oxy test to monitor progress. It measures malondialdehyde in the urine, which is a marker for oxidative stress and cell membrane damage due to free radicals. The substance in the test vial reacts with the toxic aldehydes in the urine, specifically the malondialdehyde released when fats are metabolized. The level of malondialdehyde in the urine indicates the amount of oxidized fat; therefore, the more malondialdehyde measured in the urine, the greater the amount of cell membrane damage.


The meta-oxy test is 50 times more accurate than a blood test. The more malondialdehyde in the urine, the more significantly the urine color will change from a shade of yellow to the magenta of malondialdehyde, revealing the extent of cell membrane damage. The darker the magenta color, the more cellular damage is occurring. You can purchase your meta-oxy test HERE if you would like to see how toxic you are prior to deciding to do a detox program.

When I first started my detox work, my meta-oxy test results were higher than a 7 and now, I’m at a level 1 exactly 1 year after explant and almost a year of detox work. It does take time to detox and reverse chronic illness, but you can certainly get there!

If you have explanted and are still suffering, you truly need to complete a detox program that pulls out toxins and heavy metals at the cellular level. BUT this is just one step. Most often, there is more work that is needed for complete healing.

For more details and to learn more about our Transformational healing program and this incredible detox that gave me my life back after explant, please schedule your Breakthrough call HERE

breast implant illness

Sarah has a passion for health that has taken her along a path from RN, to fitness enthusiast, to becoming a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner and True Cellular Detox™ Practitioner. She has a passion for breast implant illness and teaching her clients about restoring health through nutrition, lifestyle, and detox, and guiding them through the sea of mis-information in hopes of finding their path to vibrant health.

Sarah’s belief is that we should settle for nothing less than vibrant health! And with breast implant illness, detoxing after en bloc explant is a foundation for that. She focuses on healing the body naturally at the cellular level with whole(real) foods, lifestyle changes, detoxing, and addressing the downstream conditions caused by breast implants. She believes that alternative therapies can be just as effective, if not more so, than conventional medical treatments because we are seeking to heal the body rather than merely mute a symptom with a pill. Sarah is an advocate for natural living and doing what she can to keep toxins out of the home and environment. She is also very passionate about eating real foods as she feels it’s the key to keeping our health and the future health of our children. The thought of explant surgery and healing the body can be overwhelming, so she is here to guide you through the process. Sarah is super passionate about this work, as she truly believes there is a reason for her own struggles that is bigger than her. Sarah will show you how to reverse breast implant illness, take back your health, and live vibrantly!

***Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor. I do not claim to diagnose or treat any specific condition. I always recommend you disclose your health concerns to your physician. Please do not mistake anything on my website, including products for purchase, as medical advice. All content available on this site or through Sarah Phillipe is for general informational purposes only. This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Never disregard professional medical advice, or delay seeking it, because of something you have read on this website. Never rely on information on this website in place of seeking medical professional advice. The author of this website is not responsible for or liable for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or products that you obtain through this site. You are encouraged to confer with your doctor with regard to information on or through this website. After reading articles or other content from this website, you are encouraged to review the information carefully with your professional healthcare provider.


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      Hi Cindy, I don’t answer these types of questions on my website. If you are serious about detoxing long-term, then you can book a complimentary consultation with me to discuss it and determine if it’s the right fit for you. You can use the link above to do so.

      1. Angela

        Hi Sarah:)) Thank you for your transparency along with sharing your faith! I am 4 weeks PO from my EXPLANT (36 years with silicone…found out they were ruptured) and ready to start detox. I have been praying and praying for days now about the right path, and just came across you! How cool is that? I would love to connect with you to see if this is right for me! Thanks again!❤️ Angela

      2. reversingbreastimplantillness

        Hi Angela! Wow! That’s wonderful! Congratulations on your explant! I hope you’re recovering well and taking good care of yourself. We would be happy to chat with you about what we do. You can book a consultation with our breakthrough coach to determine if we’re the right fit! Check out this page first and then click on the link to book a free call at the bottom. https://reversingbreastimplantillness.com/breakthrough

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