DNA Test Kit + Nutrition Report Bundle


Nutrition Genome DNA Collection Kit and Genetic Report (no consultation): The Nutrition Genome Report is the best evidence-based report with over 500 research studies and approximately 85 genes analyzed by their proprietary software Genetrition™. This analysis is the most unique nutrigenomic report on the market, outperforming the 23andme, and making it perfect for breast implant illness. You will receive:

  • A digital 50+ page custom genetic analysis organized into eight sections of health
  • A custom grocery list based on a combination of gene variants, enabling you to customize your diet based on your highest vitamin, mineral and compound needs
  • Foods, chemicals, toxins, and additives that are most important for you to avoid
  • Recommend blood work

You are extremely unique, and Nutrition Genome exists to empower you to take control of your health through their proprietary DNA testing and software. So many women want to know what they should eat after explant to give them the best chance of recovering their health. Nutrition Genome is here to show that nutrition is in your genes, and this personalized approach will guide you to optimal health after explant. Each category listed below is affected by breast implant illness and should be addressed after explant so you can have the best recovery possible.


Learn your body’s metabolism for protein, fat, carbohydrates, and higher needs for vitamins, minerals and compounds to discover your optimal ancestral diet. 

Your genes are not your destiny; they are your blueprint. We first map out your genetic strengths and weaknesses, and our evidence-based report (over 600 sources) will then show you how to optimize nutritional choices and your environment to improve actual gene expression, building a happier, healthier you.



Learn which genetic pathways may be leading to fatigue and how to target these genes to boost daily energy levels.



Understanding gene function can help you balance hormones and create an efficient detoxification system.



Determine serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline, GABA and glutamate gene function to understand your mental and neurological health.



 Receive an analysis on your glutathione genes and other antioxidant genes to understand how to decrease your individual triggers of inflammation and increase the probability of longevity.



Review your genes for DNA damage, protection and repair to find the “chinks” in your armor so you can be proactive for cancer prevention.



Learn about the genes involved in caffeine metabolism, blood clots, triglycerides, stress, muscle recovery, injury prevention, VO2 max, required plant-intake for heart health and more. 



Assess folate, B12, B6, choline, prebiotic, vitamin A, D and omega-3 requirements for a healthy pregnancy and child.


*We recommend you bring this to your healthcare practitioner to compare health history, current health issues, blood work and goals with your results

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