Overcoming BII and healing can be so confusing for so many. What should I eat? What supplements should I take? How do I get better sleep? How do I support my detox pathways? There is so much misinformation out there on the internet as well as so many people making blanket recommendations to everyone struggling with BII. The problem with this is that you are a unique individual with a unique set of stressors or circumstances and what might be helpful for me could be detrimental to you and vice versa. I have been searching for a way that we can optimize gene expression and healing without breaking the bank….

I am so excited to announce that I have recently partnered with a world-class DNA company to bring you powerful information about how your genetics may be impacting you. This company is a leader in DNA testing and research, and the best part is they’ve been studying BII and genes connected to the expression of symptoms! This test can be utilized in so many ways and I’m so excited to be the first to bring it to you through our exclusive partnership. Now, we can’t blame everything on genetics, just like we can’t blame everything on the FDA…but we can improve healing and outcomes through optimizing genetic expression. It is quickly becoming a staple lab test that I’m using with my personal clients.

Experts (and friends of mine) like celebrity nutritionist and NYT bestselling author, Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, and founder of the Living Proof Institute, Sachin Patel… are calling it a complete game-changer for helping them and their clients reach their health, personal, and professional goals…

… and perhaps the biggest advancement in anti-aging, weight loss, and chronic disease management EVER.

These health experts are saying that this DNA company’s personalized genomic insights might be the next major advancement in health optimization because the simple actionable data in these reports has allowed them to stop illness before they happen and achieve greater control over their healing than ever before.

This company’s test and reports are unlike any other personal DNA test you may have ever taken before.

This test isn’t going to tell you the color of your eyes or where you came from. And it’s not going to just give you information (like you are heterozygous or homozygous for C677T) without precise actionable steps you can take. Quite the opposite.

Specifically, the test is based on “Functional Genomics” and can help you learn more about:⠀⠀

Factors that impact the expression of Breast Implant Illness symptoms

Factors that affect your hormonal health⠀

Issues caused by hormone imbalances⠀

Factors that affect your cardiovascular health⠀

Your risk for certain types of cancer⠀

Your body’s unique detox ability⠀

Factors that affect your metabolism⠀

Your neurotransmitter balance and how it can affect your mood and behavior⠀

Your body’s ability to efficiently absorb nutrients⠀

Factors that can cause infertility or hair loss⠀

And much more….⠀

THEN the clinicians take your DNA results and create your customized health care plan to ensure you are optimizing your healing journey and living your healthiest and happiest life.⠀

Simply put- the report shows you how you can personalize your diet, lifestyle, and environment to complement your genetic makeup to achieve the best possible health and healing outcomes.

And best of all, you’ll unlock access to their curated proprietary solutions to solve your unique suboptimalities at the genetic level.

So why not uncover your personal genome and realize your full potential on this planet?

You can register for this important webinar below if you’d like to join me and the CEO of the company live on December 6th at 9am CTS as I discuss all things related to this test, how it works, what the benefits are, and how it can be utilized in a healing program for Breast Implant Illness. I hope you’ll join us and please feel free to share this link on social media platforms so that together we can help get this into as many hands as possible.