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What is Breast Implant Illness?

There are millions of women who receive breast implants for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately many are simply unaware of some of the dangers associated with them.

Breast Implant Illness is the term used to explain various symptoms reported by women who have experienced chronic health conditions after getting breast implants.

Any time you introduce a foreign material inside your body, there’s a potential for problems to arise and breast implants are no exception.  Women with breast implants often suffer from silicone toxicity, chemical toxicity, biotoxin illness and heavy metal toxicity.

Those who develop breast implant illness often have methlylation and detoxification issues as well as develop chronic infections. 

Pathogens such as yeast, mold, viruses, parasites, bacterial and intracellular infections like those that cause Lyme Disease become a problem as a result of the endocrine disruption, immune dysregulation, and metabolic chaos created by breast implants.
Now if you’re reading this and are feeling overwhelmed by all the conflicting information out there about how Reverse Breast Implant Illness, we’ve got you!

Sarah is passionate about teaching women with Breast Implant Illness how to use the body’s innate intelligence to heal themselves.

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Hi I'm Sarah

Hi, my name is Sarah, nice to meet you! I am a trained Nurse, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, and Breast Implant Illness and Detox Expert.

I know what you're going through is difficult. I was in your shoes years ago, wading through the sea of misinformation, struggling to find the root cause to my health challenges, not knowing where to turn for help and, worst of all, feeling alone. If you’re like me, your breast implants have affected your ability to live the life you deserve. Maybe it has affected you for so long that you have just learned to live with all the symptoms and misdiagnoses. And maybe you've tried going it alone to heal after explant and gotten nowhere.

I am here to tell you that the good news is you are not alone and you don't have to go it alone. I have hung up my conventional nursing hat so I can truly teach women suffering from breast implant illness how to end the suffering by using the body's innate intelligence to heal naturally. I have created a one of a kind program designed specifically for women just like you (and me) that can be tailored to fit your specific needs and bio-individuality. I have also created a private Facebook group of like-minded ladies who know exactly what you're going through to help support each other every step of the way. Everything is about you and your path back to health, and I am here to guide you, educate you, and support you so that you are successful!

Reversing breast implant illness isn’t about a specific diet or this detox or that detox; it’s a journey that's very specific to you. That's why I help my clients uncover the hidden internal stressors resulting from breast implants (or in addition to breast implants) that need to be addressed so you can completely heal. By doing this we unlock the body's innate desire to heal at the cellular level and return to balance.

When you address your body as a whole, focusing on advanced functional lab testing, nutrition & true detoxification combined with with ancient healing strategies and transformational coaching, great things happen. We can enjoy vibrant health, boundless energy, and simply watch our symptoms disappear.

My certainty is not in the ability to heal you, but in the knowledge to teach you. As a BII Warrior working with me, you will receive the one-on-one help you need to be successful in restoring vibrant health and keeping it for life!

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What My Wonderful Clients Say About Me

  • Sarah has been my BII angel! I can’t imagine going on this healing journey without her. I have suffered from BII for nearly a decade and once I finally figured out what was wrong with me, I needed to make sure I had the best treatment plan possible. I was discouraged with the limited resources about BII due to it not being “medically recognized”. Once I came upon Sarah’s website, I felt relieved! Knowing that she has also gone through BII and knows the experience first hand, gave me comfort. Sarah is VERY knowledgeable about BII. She recommended that I do some functional lab testing with her to find out exactly what problems BII had caused so that I could address them properly. Through this testing, I found that my hormones were out of balance, I was hypersensitive to 29 foods and I had some parasite issues. She designed a treatment plan for me to help with these issues. She has also coached me through detoxing. She provides a true cellular detox program which I feel is the key to my recovery. There are 3 phases to this detox. I just started the second phase and I’m doing well and noticing improvements! Sarah provides me with a kit to test my level of cellular inflammation to see my progress. So far, my cellular inflammation is decreasing! Sarah is a wonderful coach and resource. She answers questions thoroughly and in a timely manner. She truly cares about her clients. I highly recommend her to anyone going through BII. I don’t know what I would have done without her! Healing from BII is a journey, not a destination. There are many ups and downs along the way. It’s nice to have Sarah by my side in this journey.

    Ashley BII Holistic Coaching Client
  • After Years of neglecting my health and having 4 children I was suffering with so many ailments and symptoms I did not know where to turn. Traditional medicine did not provide answers, just more pills. Sarah is amazing; she did a thorough testing and analysis and developed my protocol. She has helped me tremendously clean up and detox my life. I have more energy and less pain than ever and I can actually sleep! She always compares this process to an onion: you just keep peeling back the layers to find the root cause. She is honest, knowledgeable, and so passionate about her work. But the lifestyle change is up to you.

    Trisha Holistic Health Coaching Client
  • I really value Sarah’s suggestions because I know that she not only has a passion for helping women reverse the symptoms of Breast Implant Illness, she is also extremely knowledgeable about how to properly detox the body. It’s clear how invested she is to giving women a one-on-one, personal approach to detox after explant. She gave me specific advice according to my lifestyle and personal health history during our consultation. She is always available for questions as they come up along the way as well. I also joined her Facebook Group which has been great while I go through this journey. Before I even started the detox I completed a health history questionnaire, a neurotoxicity questionnaire in which was discussed fully with Sarah over the phone. Once her recommendations were made she sent me a Meta-Oxy Kit in the mail to measure the amount of oxidative stress I have. My most asked question since starting this detox is whether or not I am experiencing adverse detox symptoms. I’m happy to say that I didn’t notice an abundance of symptoms pop up during the Prep Phase. However, I did experience an increase in fatigue and bloating when I veered from the suggested diet while on the detox. Another thing that stood out to me was being very tired, not fatigued, but actually tired. I was falling asleep much earlier than usual and found myself eager for bed again even if I had slept well the night before. One improvement I noticed was in the gut. Aside from indulging in some sweets and other non-detox friendly foods and feeling pretty crummy, I had a lot more “regularity” (if you know what I mean.) I am really happy to have found a program that is focused on long-term healing rather than “quick fixes.” The best part is that Sarah is there to walk me through each step of the process. I’m so happy to know Sarah because she truly has a gift for helping women get their lives back after Breast Implant Illness. She lived the horrors herself and now uses her education and knowledge to help bring healing to others. After having learned everything I have about True Cellular Detox, I am very hopeful that I can get my health back." YOU CAN READ AMBER'S COMPLETE REVIEW OF HER FIRST 30 DAYS ON MY DETOX PROGRAM ON HER BLOG:

    Amber BII Detox Client
  • I have been thrilled working with Sarah. I actually started working with her even before my explant and we started preparing for the detox about a month before the explant in terms of tracking my toxicity, blood, urine and stool/gut biome testing. Watching the videos and educating myself ahead of time on the cellular detox program she guides you through. She has really gone deep into my medical history and health problems and has taken a functional approach of correcting the cause of the problem, not just treating my symptoms. Although the detox program is intense, ultimately getting rid of these toxins completely will be a much better outcome long term than just treating symptoms. She is complete, thorough, gets back to me very quickly when I have questions and is very caring and she really knows her stuff. She has identified several underlying health issues that even my physician did not catch. I am very grateful I found her. Her own personal experience with explant and detox makes her the most appropriate person to work with as she understands the complexities of bII that other detox practitioners may not. I like having the markers that show my body is detoxing the metals and the blood work showing things changing rather than just going by how I am feeling as I don’t feel that is as “scientific” of an approach. I would highly recommend her and am so glad I started to work with her because I would not be able to manage all of this process on my own without guidance. Just as I was sure I wanted a surgeon who would remove 100% of the implant and capsules, I also wanted a detox program that is truly going to clear these toxins and metals out of my system so my body can heal to its fullest potential.

    Michelle BII Holistic Coaching Client
  • I have been working with Sarah since November 2018 and feel like she is literally saving my life and I'm not exaggerating. She has a very thorough intake questionnaire and suspected mold right away. We ran several functional labs and found many other problems. We are addressing everything naturally. I just started the detox this month because I was too sick initially. I feel like it will further accelerate my healing now that I'm a little stronger. I still have a long way to go, but I'm healing. I'm so thankful to Sarah. She has been so kind and patient with me.

    Rosanna BII Holistic Coaching Client
  • Sarah spent more than 2 hrs going over my test results and a plan to get me healthier- (Try finding a Dr who will do that with you!) The results are pretty astonishing! I had never heard of most of these tests, but found out what pathogens were living in my gut and wreaking havoc on my body! She found an infection I have that Drs have missed (never tested me for it although I had symptoms), my hormone levels and how my body is breaking these hormones down into protective or harmful metabolites, and how my body is using them. She took a deep look at my thyroid markers and interpreted them from a functional perspective. She took an in depth look at all my blood markers what what they mean. My doctors had never even heard of some of these tests! I am now off LDN, lowered my thyroid meds, I'm off bioidentical hormones (after 10 years using them I am now making my own hormones even in menopause! I'm sleeping better, feeling better, have more energy, etc. I still have work to do, but I am getting there. We are digging deep to discover my root causes. Breast implants were one if them but not the only one. We are working on addressing these root causes one by one. Yes I am paying out of pocket for most of it, but I have already spent an excess of $15,000 in sick-care that didn't help. Nothing else is more important than getting my health back. I spent thousands on supplements and detoxing before I started working with Sarah. Because of her ability to look at lab work and read between the lines, I now only take what I need. I could never determined the right things to heal myself without this testing. Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable about our bodies and about how to return them to health. She has been through this herself. If you haven't decided to let Sarah and Diane help you please let me help you decide - it's incredibly worth your time and money to have someone with their knowledge and expertise holding your hand and leading you through this You WILL be glad you did!

    Quieta Holistic BII Client
  • "After listening to a podcast featuring Sarah, I realized the main source of my health problems was my breast implants. I knew I wanted to overcome this, so I had the proper explant surgery done and then started working with Sarah to detox my body. I had already tried changes in my diet and lifestyle, but these things were not addressing the root cause. I felt at ease working with Sarah as she had been on the same journey I was going through. When I started this journey, I was probably living at 40% of my potential and now I feel I’m living at 100%! Before I explanted and began working with Sarah, I could barely get out of bed in the morning, could never work out, had skin issues, suffered from anxiety and insomnia, and horrible chemical sensitivity. I needed an expert who could help me completely heal my body after explant. Sarah helped guide me in our sessions and I learned a lot about diet and lifestyle strategies in addition to the detox protocol she recommends. The detox was a long process, but through Sarah’s guidance I completed the program and felt amazing afterward! I am now able to do so much more than I could before, including working full-time, taking care of home life, and working out whenever I want (even after a long day). Now I can walk past someone with heavy perfume and not skip a beat! My skin is looking better, I have energy again, I’m sleeping amazing, I’m no longer anxious, and am so much calmer. I have probably saved myself $10k+ down the road from all the future health problems I would have encountered had I not worked with Sarah. I feel so blessed. Women shouldn’t settle for feeling terrible even when medical professionals tell you “there’s nothing wrong”. Sarah is an expert and so patient. Knowing she’s been through this journey also helps tremendously."

    Stephanie BII Detox Client
  • I started my search for answers after I had my breast implants removed and still was not feeling better. I had read so much conflicting information online and in various Facebook groups. I believed that I needed to detox but it was not until I came across Sarah's blog that I found something that truly made sense in my mind as to how and why it would work. Before starting the detox with Sarah, I had been to a numerous doctors, and even a naturopath. I had also dabbled in trying various short detoxes and other supplements trying to piece things together. I had a general idea as to what I had to do but I needed something that actually worked to detox the toxins that were making me sick out of my body. Nothing I tried worked because the approach was all wrong. Detoxes that claim they work in a week or two...even a month, do not. My naturopath also had me on bioidentical hormones to try to alleviate symptoms, but this did not help at all as is was not fixing what was causing the hormone imbalance in the first place. My biggest fear was that this was just another dead end. I felt I had been searching and trying and spending money on my health for years trying to get better only to be disappointed. I feared this would be another disappointment, so I was hesitant. I knew just by talking on the phone with Sarah in our initial consults that this were different. She cared. She had been through it. I have never been given such comprehensive information on my body and mental health as I have found with Sarah. Besides the fact that this program works, which is the biggest blessing of all, she is there to support every step of the way. Initially, finding the right protocol and detox is what blocked me from achieving my health goals. I discovered a big part of what was blocking me was my attitude. I believed in what I was doing, but just the fact that I had been sick for so long, and then with detoxing, my symptoms worsened at times. This really took a toll on me mentally. Once I started feeling better and believing that I was healing and that I was going to get through this is when everything started to change. I am able to plan my life ahead of time. Before headaches and migraines controlled every aspect of my life. I was afraid to make plans or leave my house. Now, I feel like I can just enjoy my life and do what I want. I can get my work done and spend time with my family. I can plan for my future. My main issue that I came to Sarah for help was headaches/migraines. I had a headache daily and migraines constantly that were very resistant to medication. I felt like I had no control over my life because of them. After detoxing for almost eight months, my daily headaches are 75% gone. I would say I was living at maybe 40% before working with Sarah and now I'm at about 85%. I had already changed a lot of my lifestyle before starting to work with Sara. I had changed my eating habits, cut coffee, dairy, and gluten and gotten rid of most toxic products in my life. So I do not feel that working with her I have felt deprived at all. I used to be someone who would drink two cups of coffee a day. It's no wonder I couldn't sleep at night. I drank it because I thought the caffeine helped with my head or I feared that if I did not drink it, that would cause migraine, so I drank it more out of habit and fear of what would happen if I didn't than because I actually enjoyed it. Now I can't even drink it on occasion because to me it just tastes bad. The biggest difference in my life now is my attitude. My attitude going through this, getting sick and not finding an answer for so long while I was doing everything I could to feel better, was extremely negative. I was mad that I was sick and I did not believe I would get better because I felt I had tried everything. Now, especially that I am feeling better, is looking back at everything I've gone through and seeing the positive in it. I still have bad days, but my ability to handle it and not look at as if it is the end of the world is much different than it was a year ago. I'm running my own business, living my dream. My husband and I are talking about trying to have a baby soon. Last year at this time, I would have never imagined I would be where I am now. But also, just knowing that anything is really possible. Anything seems possible now. I have definitely learned to be more patient with my body and and to be thankful for all that it is capable of. Actually, experiencing the detox process, although painful and not fun at times, is amazing. With the proper support your body can heal it just takes time. I have learned to accept my symptoms as part of the process and be grateful for them as they are the reason I was able to piece together my failing health and figure out how to get it back. Overall, going through breast implant illness, my body has taken on a completely different meaning to me. I used to hate my body because I didn't like the way it looked. Then I hated it because it because I was sick. And now I respect and take care of it and I will spend the rest of my life taking care of it to the best of my ability and appreciating it for what it does for me instead of what it looks like. This program is unlike anything you have previously gone through or experienced. The program is completely comprehensive and tailored to the individual. It not one size fits all. Sarah discusses this a lot and it is so true. I cannot count the number of times we have tweaked something from the detox program. The human body is so immensely complex and western medicine barely touches the surface of chronic health problems. There are reasons as to why we are feeling sick. The lab work that doctors run will not show the problems that we have that our causing our symptoms. The cause is deeper.

    Jenna Detox Client
  • Before I found Sarah, I wasted thousands of dollars on dead-end testing, and spent months making the rounds among doctors and specialists who pushed pharmaceuticals but couldn’t tell me WHY my body was failing. Sarah helped me understand that my breast implants and other harmful substances in my environment were making me sick. She developed a protocol designed to target my unique health issues and guided me through detoxification. She taught me to listen to my body, and helped me develop the confidence to be patient and push forward even when it’s tough. Her knowledge and expertise have helped me rediscover health and vitality - something I was sure I’d lost forever! I’m eternally grateful!

    Emily BII Holistic Coaching Client
  • Before I found Sarah, I tried both general and functional doctors in my hometown and did not feel much progress in my healing. I had tried prescription drugs, supplements, acupuncture, chiropractic care, detoxes, etc. Some helped short-term, others were a waste of money. I was a little hesitant to make the commitment to work with Sarah initially due to the investment, but also I felt this was my last hope and at this point cost wasn’t an issue. I prayed to God asking for healing, the next day Sarah’s name came up on FB. After speaking with Sarah I knew right away it was the hope I needed. I think the parasite protocol she created for me was a game-changer. I learned that no detox was going to work until I addressed those critters. The combination of supplements and other therapies at the right time Sarah suggested made all the difference. Since working with Sarah, I have much more energy, feel less depressed, etc. Basically my previous symptoms have decreased significantly. I feel I am finally on the right path toward recovery. When this journey started, I felt like I was dying...I was maybe functioning at 20% capacity. I could barely get out of bed. After working with Sarah for the past 6 months, I feel I am 75% better…Some days even more. This is a journey and Sarah always says, healing takes years, not months so I was really surprised to feel so much better in just 6 months. Investing in Sarah was worth every penny. I cannot look at my experience as anything but positive. Through adversity we grow. I never imagined I would look forward to things like coffee enemas so much. 😉 I’m not sure where life is going to take me, but I’m happy I’m feeling the motivation coming back to take me there. My spiritual life has also grown through all this. I gave it all to God knowing I couldn’t heal without fully surrendering to Him and the process and knowing faith is a huge part in healing. Sarah has gone through the same (or similar) challenges with BII and auto immune issues. What better practitioner than someone who can sympathize? Women who simply explant without doing the necessary work afterward are truly missing out on lasting healing.

    Kathleen BII Holistic Coaching Client
  • I have worked with functional medicine practitioners since 2014. NONE of them came close to providing me with as much benefit, support, and value as Sarah did. I explanted within 4 weeks of learning of BII and was beyond grateful to have found Sarah to help me reverse 17 years of damage from my breast implants. She provided me with the most comprehensive protocol I’ve ever received and presented it in a way that was manageable, doable, and “met me where I was.” She helped me build upon the very clean lifestyle I had already been living the previous 5 years and helped me hone in on the supplements I really needed, based on testing I had done with other practitioners. She even took the extra time to explain the “why” behind her recommendations because I had mentioned to her that I really value understanding how things work. I had a LOT of questions, and she made herself available to answer all of them, usually within 24 hours via the Better app. I had never had that accessibility to a practitioner before, and it was priceless during a time when a lot was rapidly changing in my body. Something else that was so helpful were her notes – she’d send me a re-cap of each of our check-in conversations and I found myself referencing them often because I’d invariably miss an important detail in my own notes. Sarah also went above and beyond by helping me tailor True Cellular Detox to my 6-year old daughter, which I administered on my own. Sarah absolutely “knows her stuff,” is 100% authentic, and truly cares about her patients. Our world would be a better place is all healthcare practitioners were like Sarah Phillipe. THANK YOU, Sarah!!!

    Karen BII Holistic Coaching Client
  • After cancer mastectomy surgery in 2003, I had complete reconstruction with saline implant insertion. These were changed out in 2011 to silicone implants. In 2013 I required radiation, which took place while the implants were in place. I then developed numerous BII symptoms. No treatments were bringing any healing relief. It was determined that explant surgery was needed. This was completed in July 31, 2019. I have tried multiple diets, supplements, chiropractic, acupuncture, counseling, massage and EMDR. I was still struggling. As I had prepped for surgery, I made the decision to work with a professional who understood my journey and could help me with a formal detox plan. My biggest fear was the financial cost, but am so grateful I invested in my healing. We discovered that I had parasites that were blocking me from my health goals and that healing is not linear. It is a process with highs and lows. My sleeping has improved and so has my mental clarity. The fluffy body fat that I struggled with is now gone and my GI symptoms have improved. When I started this journey with Sarah, my health potential was at 50% and now I’m am up to 75%.  Sarah and I have worked together for 9 months. My days are now filled with confidence in my body to heal. I have renewed hope and no longer freak out if I feel out of sorts. I do not feel deprived I love the choices I have made to eat and live clean. I do not miss alcohol or excessive sweets. Feeling good means more than anything to me. It allows me to maintain a difficult, demanding job and to care for my multi-generational family. I will continue on this healing journey and be a light to other women with BII and breast cancer. I am peaceful to be uniquely me now. I am flat, eat differently than most, focus on maintaining a calm nervous system, strive to keep my body moving, and sleeping optimally. I am enough! Anyone working with Sarah will be immensely blessed by her deep, gentle, calm spirit that is knowledgeable and nonjudgmental. She genuinely desires to see her clients succeed, and not for her glory.  Women need to take back control of their health. Learn about other options than illness medicine that gives a pill for every ill. Sarah is a beautiful person that I am eternally grateful to have in my life!!

    Julie Detox BII Coaching Client
  • I started out on another Breast Implant Illness FB Page. That led to explant; then I knew I needed further help to detox after trying many detoxes on my own. That’s when I found Sarah! First I bought some slight detox products from the natural market here. Next, I tried Baseline Nutritionals and did their intestinal detox package/ cleanse and then their kidney-liver-detox package, and next the heavy metal detox. While doing this, I started seeing my chiropractor (functional health specialist) and he muscle tested me and said, whatever you are doing, stop! Then I worked with him for over a year, but just still didn’t feel great. Some of the supplements he gave me did seem to help, but hardly at all. My biggest fear was making yet another big investment of time and money with little results. But the fact that Sarah had been through what I had been through and immediately knew the heavy metal detox from Baseline Nutritionals (that the chlorella and cilantro weren't pulling out metals but just stirring them up, not using a proper binder to get rid of them). That told me that she knew her stuff. Sleep has always been an issue for me, even before implants. Sarah not only made suggestions that truly helped (turning blue light on computer, BrainTap app, etc), but also has gotten to the bottom of so many issues linked to heavy metals. I’m still working through this with her continued support and guidance! Since working with Sarah “I CAN THINK”! I didn’t realize how fuzzy and low functioning I still was until working with Sarah. Two months in, I was thinking faster, accomplishing more, LIVING more! Also, I was beginning to need reading glasses. A month into detox, no more readers necessary! Before working with Sarah some things have resolved themselves or improved. I had brain fog which is improved, eye improvement, some skin improvements, some gut issues are better, some inflammation, sleep, energy, sex drive back up, communication better! When I started this journey I was at 60% of my full potential of living health wise and since working with Sarah I feel that I am at 90%. Before working with Sarah I felt the same but with less vigor. I needed more caffeine, struggled with energy, felt like I was better than before explant but still not great. I feel really great now! Not deprived at all. Still hoping for weight loss but I feel so good I feel it must be clearing soon. I just have so much stamina, robustness! I now have the energy to go above and beyond just getting by. Since this journey, I feel that I have a much deeper life with homeschooling, my family and excitement for the bigger purposes to come! I feel clearer. I feel like I have energy for recognizing and living deeper spiritual truths. I’m not buried, not burdened. If you are considering working with Sarah, Be patient! Don’t freak out if it takes time. I gained weight initially, but lost it fairly quickly also. I would trade that for any day of feeling so much better! As women, we miss out by just being content with “Well, the doc said my labs are normal” and then continuing to make excuses as to why we feel terrible. Don’t trust the docs! So many are well-meaning, but this illness is so misunderstood (like many modern ailments). A life of vitality is possible again. Sarah, thank you so deeply for walking this journey with me! You have such a gift for looking deeper and truly trying to get each of us well. I know this is no easy task. I’m so thankful I found you and so happy you are on our side.

    Sally Detox BII Coaching Client
  • I wanted to start a detox program because I did not trust conventional doctors. I searched the internet. Before working with Sarah, I had not tried any other detox program. I was looking for a person I could trust. Sarah spoke calmly and clearly. Her instructions and advice were encouraging and empowering. I truly am grateful for her guidance to help me change my lifestyle. I didn't know how and where to get started to deal with worsening health problems. Since working with Sarah, I am more conscious about choosing between non-toxic and toxic life styles, such as nutrition, activities, exercise, and home environment. The challenges I faced before were skin sensitivity, gut symptoms, recurring UTI, low energy, dry skin and rashes, weight loss, excessive sneezing and runny nose, and tearing of the eye, and they have all improved or been resolved since working with Sarah. Before I started this journey with Sarah, I was 60% of my potential living health wise and now I am around 90%. I don't feel deprived at all. I feel much more energetic and more confident in continuing a healthy life style. I never imagined that I would be maintaining an exercise program every morning, since the first day of my detox program. I definitely will continue every aspect of putting my health first. I have acquired a wide range of knowledge and information by gaining access to many different sources, such as articles and podcasts, through the detox program which empowered me emotionally. What I would tell other women about working with Sarah is, she has gone through this same journey, and she will guide you and support you along the way. You also need a strong will and confidence to follow this path. And that you should not give up. You need to look for someone who will examine the root causes to dig deeper. This six month journey/detox program with Sarah was very valuable to help improve my health and lifestyle.

    Sue Detox BII Coaching Client

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